Not Your Dream Girl

BAILEY (2)Hadley.

I have never and will never call you by your first name. You were my person. Late night chats always started with Hadley, are you up? The answer was always yes, no matter how late or how far away. You have taught me so much about life and who I am. Thank you for loving me wholeheartedly because I truly feel like you did. Thank you for saying no to me when I thought I wanted more. I mean that in all sincerity because I never want to lose you from my life and I never want this dynamic to change. Thank you for telling me not to put all my favourite eggs in one basket. Thank you for tirelessly reminding me that I am going to go somewhere in this life, even when I don’t believe you. Thank you for cutting down on your use of flip flops. Thank you for always sending me new songs because you know your voice is my favourite to fall asleep too. Thank you for sharing chocolate chip pancake muffins with me. Or hiding from teachers so we could watch more VHS’s and forget about the world. You are a special one Hadley.

I hope you think twice before getting yourself into risky situations. I hope you can learn to tie knots. I hope that your love for pie never dies down. I hope you never loose the crack in your voice when you get nervous. I hope you never stop drinking hot water. I hope you never loose your compassion.

I know you think your dream girl doesn’t exist but I hope in some small way you saw a part of her in me.

You have been a rose and I love you for it.