This Is Not A Public Service Announcment

Chronic illness is sleeping with a pharmacy worth of pills that you can pop if things go downhill.

Chronic illness is being stuck in bed for days on end.

Chronic illness is having your family rework their lives to make sure you are okay, constantly serving your needs.

Chronic illness is your mum driving all over town getting you food you think you can stomach.

Chronic illness is exhausting for everyone involved.

Chronic illness is isolating yourself so that others don’t worry.

Chronic illness is feeling isolated by your inactivity.

Chronic illness is watching the world pass by, feeling trapped by your own body.

Chronic illness isn’t glamourous. It isn’t a PSA. Chronic illness is gut wrenching  and hidden from the world.

Chronic illness is only making it a few steps past your bedroom door before collapsing from pain and frailty — trying to make it back to bed like a baby sea turtle rushes to the sea.

Tears streaming.

Chronic illness is knowing there is nothing anyone can do.

So you sit, you wait, and you contemplate everything.

Above all, it’s knowing that something good will come from this — The joy that is coming cannot compare to the pain in this moment.




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