Cake Mix and Balloons

Today was World Rare Disease Day. The day dedicated to increasing awareness, and subsequently funding, for the varying rare diseases out there.

Talking about it with my friend I had mentioned baking a cake and getting a balloon to celebrate. A party of one.  There is a lot to be proud of.

She talked about how she was baking with a mutual friend of ours and that they would bring the party to me. Not reading much into it, I went on with my day until I got a text message from each of them.

Can we come to your house to bake a cake?


When I was younger my parents worked tirelessly to make sure all of my needs were met. Isolation was something we needed to combat. My parents started hosting dinner parties for my friends and I, Interactive Food Night. This concept worked because we had control over the environment I was placed into and it was an activity we could all do, eat. On those nights we would try out hand at making something new; Fondue, ravioli, sushi we did it all.

when the girls showed up with eggs and cake mix in hand they had two balloons.

She had taken time out of her day to get me balloons. She had remembered me saying I wanted balloons but probably wouldn’t feel well enough to go and get them.

The day became so little about these diseases I fight each and every day and all about livng. Living life surrounded by good people. Now, our cake may not have been a masterpiece by any means but i think today painted a beautiful picture.

As chronic illness sufferers, relationships can be tough. It had to find people who are understanding to the fact that you have a different set of needs that often change in an instant. Find those who will show up at your door without hesitation because i promise they are out there. I promise they are more than worth the wait.

Today was a rose.


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