Two Years

I was given two years to live.

You know that it probably isn’t a great sign when the specialist you are waiting to see tells you that if you don’t get onto a shorter wait list, you won’t live to get to meet them.

I’ve made it a year and this is what I have to say;

  1. When someone puts a limit on your life it does effect the way you choose to live it.
  2. You will want to make choices out of fear of the unknown but those make out of love are so much more valuable.
  3. you will find your people. You will meet other sick people and they will understand. You will meet people who aren’t sick and try their best to understand. that is all you have ever wanted.
  4. You still hate stairs and climbing hills.
  5. Everything is temporary. The love of God isn’t.
  6. Telling people you are a Christian is allot less daunting then you make it out to be in that mind of yours.
  7. You will miss getting to eat spaggetti and meatballs.
  8. You will learn to love to paint.
  9. That blog thing you have been talking about since you were 10, you’re doing it.
  10. You have been out of physical therapy for a year and a half and haven’t once regretted that choice.
  11. You are learning what it means to follow.
  12. You have learnt that potential isn’t enough you have to work har for your dreams, even if you have too many to focuse your effort.
  13. Being goal oriented isn’t selfish.
  14. You wont have everything figured out.
  15. You still cant drive.
  16. You will be thankful for your life in a way you hadn’t yet experienced
  17. You want to get to grow up.
  18. You will be off medications once again.
  19. Choices about your health don’t get easier.
  20. You know nothing compared to what you will someday.
  21. You still love life with all your heart.

Here we are halfway through that two year mark and while I know those words may have been uttered out of a professionals mouth the words of my creator is what matters most.

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