Lessons Learned Crying In A Coffee Shop

If you break down in a coffee shop people will care.

The middle aged men’s concern will be shown through their efforts to ensure a safe ride home.

The twenty something year old college student will look away so that you don’t feel bashful for the salt leaking from your eyes.

The barista will make small talk and offer you a free cookie, because who doesn’t need a cookie.

People will mop circles around you, literally and figuratively.

And despite crying to someone who has nothing to say to you;

A room full of people will have things to say to you.

A room full of people will care.

Society cares if you are doing okay, even when it feels like you are a fish in a mighty big pond.

So if you ever forget that you are important, cry in the shelter of a coffee shop because you will see that society isn’t as dark as it is portrayed to be.


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