Little Lies Have Big Implications


When I was in 11th grade I was apart of an initiative to help young teen girls transition into high school. I worked with eight wonderful girls over the course of a year. First meeting, I asked for three things they liked about themselves. Not one of these beautiful girls could tell me three. I was shocked as in the short amount of time we had known each other I had found so many things I loved about them. I proceeded to tell them five to ten things I liked already.  Their infectious laugh or their witty sense of humour. That moment has stuck with me.

Since then I have watched the Unveiled Campaign Launch.  In 2014 Ainsley Britain started a campaign to help people, although it is mostly aimed at teenage girls, to be able to see their worth. I had the pleasure to speak with Britain about how Unveiled came to be. Britain spoke to me about how “Unveiled began when [she] was struck by a few video ideas in the middle of class during [her] time at Belmont University.”  These video ideas stemmed from the idea that Britain had seen people around her battle issues, such as eating disorders and self harm. Britain “realized that the root of all of these issues isn’t ONLY the lie “I’m alone” but even deeper lies like “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough.”  this prompted Britain to “script  a few videos & that was the birth of Unveiled!”.

The unveiled campaign releases monthly videos that promote healthy relationships with yourself as well as others. Viewers can apply to have their stories shared on the campaign’s website either through video’s or blog posts.

While mental illness can not always be preventable the campaign works to target those times that it can. 10% – 20% of Canadian teenager’s face mental illness making it the single largest group of disorders for the demographic. In fact, 3.2 million Canadian youth are at risk for experiencing depression between the ages of 12 – 19 years old. While the campaign believes “that if we were to love ourselves as God intended, we would be healthier in every aspect of life and more able to pour out that love to other people.” Britain claims that the ultimate goal “is [to] equip teens and young adults to see their worth and in turn, pour out love and confidence in others as well so [to] continue to build each other up and create a positive, healthy environment.”

Britain has grown up with strong woman in her life spreading similar messages to the ones she is today. Britain credits her “mom [as]  a HUGE inspiration. This comes to no surprise as Britain’s mother runs a Hearts of Hope in Lafayette, Louisiana. Hearts of Hope provides support to those affected by assault. Britain also reflects on high school mentors and friends as people who have been “incredible examples … and whom [she] want[s] to be to others.”  

Britain walked me through the process of going from a lightning bolt idea to a fully funded campaign. “Honestly, I still don’t know exactly where to go with Unveiled sometimes. When one has a dream or idea, it’s a multi step process. I usually just pray about what’s next for Unveiled & continue moving forward, one step at a time. I would write down goals, short and long term and then try to fill in the blanks on what you need to get there. Once you visually see them, it’s usually easier to see what’s next in the progression of the dream or what needs to be altered. Then it grows, one step at a time. You have to be willing to work really hard at it.” It is through hard work that Unveiled has grown into what it is today.

When asked about whether Britain felt there was a pivotal moment for the campaign her leadership skills shined through her response. Britain emphasized on how it is the hands of many who are making this a reality. Britain gave credit to the volunteers who work on the campaign;  “the more volunteers [they’ve] gotten, the more it[s]  grow[n] and evolve[ed] into a more beautiful thing. [She] so appreciate[s] every helping hand that has assisted in the growth and continuation of Unveiled, probably more than they know. What started as a few videos became monthly videos, a blog, story sharing & a resource page.”

I ask you, can you name three things you like about yourself?

i am unveiled photo

You can find out more about The Unveiled Campaign at

@unveiledcamp on twitter

@unveiledcampaign on instagram

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