To Able-Bodied People Who Park In Handicap Spots.

Please know the repercussions that have resulted from the simple action of picking where to park and how they’ve effected my life. Tonight, I embarked on a trip to the local mall. Shopping for most teenage girls Is an ordinary and pleasant occurrence, but for me it’s a bit different. Shopping is an exhausting chore. You see, I have a mobility impairment which makes walking more difficult for myself then it is for the majority of the population. As I pulled up to the handicap spots I noticed they were all full with cars who do not hold passes. I understand how tempting it could be to snag an open stall or to justify it by only being a minute, but this led to me driving around the parking lot for 15 minutes waiting for a spot to open up.

I used to be reluctant to get a handicapped-parking pass and for years I went without as I believed others needed these spots more than myself. Now that I make use of these spots my quality of life as well as normalcy has greatly improved. A handicap decal and normality may seam contradictory but with using my pass I have gained an unexpected independence and freedom; I am able to get out of the car with my family or friends without having to be dropped off at the door as a way to overcome walking across the vast parking lot. That may not seam like a victory to you but as someone who constantly fights for their ability to be like everyone else this is huge. My disability is a large part of my life but it is not all of me. I am so much more then skin and bones. I can also stay longer at a mall, or any other location, as I am not wasting precious energy on simply getting to my destination. handicap spots are not a luxury but simply a life-giving tool. Of course, a piece of pavement does not sustain life but it does give many the ability to live their lives. My disability will always be apart of my life, but I am constantly working to skink the magnitude of the impact it has on me.

This all being said, please park somewhere else next time.


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